A River Connected: Stories about River, Race, Climate, and Home


Alluvium is a project derived from an overflowing repository of information that was gathered along the Mississippi River during 2019’s Relay of Voices. Created during a time of isolation and unrest during the pandemic of 2020, this “theatre” of performances for camera was staged “live” over a series of Zoom events before being archived. Each episode featured Communities and Landscapes as well as accompanying Voices and shared with the rich group of stakeholders amassed over several years of outreach in the River region. Alluvium, as a survey presentation, was the first step to connecting the intricate and rhizomatic bonds revealed in the stories shared in the archive. The voice presentations, while raw and somewhat unrehearsed, mirrored the very sincere presence shared during the original interactions, captured here in a one-minute sample plucked from hours of footage with a single person—a glimpse, but an opening nevertheless.


June 25, 2020 – January 19, 2022



Collaborating Artists

Victoria and Tom Styrbicki


Victoria Styrbicki


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