Do Something Else


In Do Something Else, Victoria Bradford choreographed a partner-based, durational relay in response to Brent Fogt’s installation of off-kilter sculptures created from furniture and other found objects. His precariously balanced pieces were inspired by Fogt’s own yoga practice as well as his fascination with how we humans learn to walk, stand, and run. At the opening reception on June 1, 2018, A House Unbuilt’s company of six dancers interacted with the objects and moved through the various pathways of the installation. Playing off the ambulatory implications of Fogt’s sculptures, the dancers carried the dance outside the gallery, around the city block that surrounds the gallery then back through the gallery space itself, and back out again.


June 1, 2018


Chicago Artists Coalition
Chicago, IL


Victoria Bradford


Angela Gronroos, Lisa Leszczewicz, Carla Gruby, Nic King-Ruley, Victoria Bradford


Brent Fogt

Video/Video Stills

Kevin Veselka, © A House Unbuilt