Dinner Dance, vM


Featured as an all-day performance in conjunction with a “Family Day” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, DINNER DANCE took over the museum with participatory performance activities and a culminating dinner activity. The performance took place from 10am-8pm on October 1, 2013 at 220 E Chicago Ave.

DINNER DANCE, vM was collaborative and interdisciplinary, a workshop-as-performance. The public was invited to participate in stations spread across the museum, performing activities such as dishwashing, toasting, and bedroom dancing. To close the evening, a multi-course meal served as a choreographic score, and gallery spaces were reimagined. 


October 1, 2013


Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Chicago, IL

Lead Artists

Victoria Bradford and Sabri Reed

Contributing Artists

Laurel Foglia, Jake Vogds, Amelia Charter, Phil Peters, Alexandra Noe, Trevor Martin, Raphaelle Ziemba, Randi Bolton, Keijaun Thomas, Dylan Bandy, Lindsey Barlag, Heather Marie Vernon, Blake Russell, Dao Nguyen, Chris Knowlton, Naqeeb Stevens, Jason Torres Hancock, Joshua Kent, Ross Jordan, Kevin Rya, Molly Hewitt, Radmila Olshansky, Hannah Jean Hildreth, Christopher Fliege, Stephanie Plenner, Jessica Cornish, Sara Zalek, Darling Shear


Michael Green


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