A House Unbuilt brought its Neighborhood Dances project to Cleveland as part of the RE|Marking Festival, a body based, feminist community arts event curated by Megan Young, Marcia Custer, Maria Miranda, and Megan Elk. RE|Marking featured site specific installations, live performance, visual art, and participatory activities at specified times.

Venues included E11even 2 Gallery, Josephine Arts Gallery, and Zaina Gallery at 78th Street Studios, Gypsy Beans & Baking Co., Guide to Kulchur, and private properties from W 50th to W 56th streets.

Cleveland welcomed Chicago artist Victoria Bradford and her work, Neighborhood Dances to Zaina Gallery. Bradford shared artifacts from her movement and media project, as well as offered a live performance and talk.

Events were free and open to the public.


April 30, 2016


Zania Gallery
Cleveland, OH

Choreography, Performance, and Design

Victoria Bradford


Todd Mattei

Video Editing

Todd Mattei


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