Taking over the Design Cloud Gallery for a single night, Victoria Bradford/A House Unbuilt interpreted Noelle Allen and Christine Remy’s “Murmurings” installation in a unique dance performance featuring Jessica Cornish and Lia Kohl.

As John Berger wrote, “a blue dress ceases to be purely blue when it follows the form of a live body.”

At this event, audience members saw a blue dress cease to be blue and see live bodies speak and move. Combined with stirring cello music, this improvisation was a creative response to the work of Noelle Allen and Christine Remy.

A House Unbuilt peeled back the layers of color that hang from the beams and illuminate the walls.


March 21, 2014


Design Cloud Gallery
Chicago, IL

Collaborating Artists

Victoria Bradford, Jessica Cornish, Lia Kohl


© A House Unbuilt