Dinner Dance, vH – the Show


As part of a three week exhibition entitled Live/Work, DINNER DANCE was in residence at the Chicago Artists Coalition staging “version Hatch.” The exhibit opened June 7th, 2013, 6-9pm at 217 N Carpenter Street, Chicago, IL.

DINNER DANCE is collaborate and interdisciplinary, a workshop-as-performance. Invited guests are both audience and performers, a multi-course meal serves as a choreographic score, and domestic spaces are reimagined. For DINNER DANCE, vH, A House Unbuilt used the framework of the gallery event cycle to restructure the typical DINNER DANCE model. The opening reception on June 7 played host to dinner guest “tryouts” or auditions. Followed by “dinner-on-view” on June 15 with sidewalk and indoor seating for the meal. Finally, the dinner company prepared a performance for the public to be staged as the “closing reception” on June 25 from 6-7pm.


June 25, 2013


Chicago Artists’ Coalition
Chicago, IL

Lead Artists

Victoria Bradford and Sabri Reed


Jessica Cochran


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