Dinner Dance, vH – the Meal


As part of a three week exhibition entitled Live/Work, DINNER DANCE was in residence at the Chicago Artists Coalition staging “version Hatch.” The exhibit opened June 7th, 2013, 6-9pm at 217 N Carpenter Street, Chicago, IL.

DINNER DANCE is collaborate and interdisciplinary, a workshop-as-performance. Invited guests are both audience and performers, a multi-course meal serves as a choreographic score, and domestic spaces are reimagined. For DINNER DANCE, vH, A House Unbuilt used the framework of the gallery event cycle to restructure the typical DINNER DANCE model. The opening reception on June 7 played host to dinner guest “tryouts” or auditions. Followed by “dinner-on-view” on June 15 with sidewalk and indoor seating for the meal. Finally, the dinner company prepared a performance for the public to be staged as the “closing reception” on June 25 from 6-7pm.


June 15, 2013


Chicago Artists’ Coalition
Chicago, IL

Lead Artists

Victoria Bradford and Sabri Reed


Dao Nguyen, Alexandra Noe, Marissa Benedict, Brockton Hardnett, Kevin Ryan, Amanda Edwards, Raphaelle Ziemba, Jake Vogds, Randi Bolton


Jessica Cochran


© A House Unbuilt