Day 4: In Residence




April 30, 2012


Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL


Victoria Bradford


© A House Unbuilt

contents / thoughts / ideas / stuff:

(Preparations/or/the Hostess)

• yellow belt
• cream-colored slip
• gray and yellow heels
• ladder(s)

tasks / to-do:

a. watch footage of original dance
b. run in circles

HIM:: we are not benign /let’s not pretend /let’s let it be so /let it pass through /this objectionable /substance /coughing, scratching, /spitting, clawing, retching /at least it’s happening /it is there /but let’s make it here /let’s not run away /not to beauty- and not to pretty places /let’s arrive there /so that when we /finally do, it wasn’t /in vain. it wasn’t easy /and the sweat becomes /vibrant

HER:: everyone’s ugliness is not the same /everyone/me /me /to pass through the warrior in oneself /to wretch out one’s own limbs /to stare down the monster you /are afraid of to slow dance there… /what becomes of us, embraced, /swooning in the throws /of despair /what are the wounds of that /cruelty- do we lick at /them or claw at the scab /perhaps we do one, then the /other, waltzing in time /to our own hypocrisy /lick at it. claw at it. /roar in exhaustion- /how can anything be ugly there?