A House Unbuilt
Radical Listening & Storytelling


A House Unbuilt uses radical listening practices to open more ears and create greater possibility for civil discourse during a time when the United States and the world are greatly divided. Our work focuses primarily in Middle America, from small towns to larger urban centers. We draw on one-on-one relationship building to cultivate connection across divides, although we are not necessarily seeking agreement.

A House Unbuilt believes story can connect us. The understanding of story as a confluence of individual landscapes, voices, and movements, is vital to our approach to both gathering and sharing stories. We perceive story as an embodied object, existing in time, continuous. Story is only ever captured in part and creates great opportunity for empathy.

This work of A House Unbuilt is research, performance, and activism. These are not mutually exclusive, but rather exist together simultaneously to create a well-balanced purpose and effort. Through listening, we create opportunity for others to reconsider and reimagine the place where they are from, the people that surround them, and the time that they live in.